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Easy Guidelines to Business Logo Design

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Designing a good logo is not an easy task as it looks like. At first sight a logo seems to be a small and simple graphic design, not at all a hard nut to crack. But actually, a logo is a representation of a company in a very small space. Thus, when designing a logo, logo designers should be very careful. They should keep in mind the business type and requirements of the client.

There are thousands of logo designers in the designing industry. Whenever any new graphic design company is launched, the first thing they try their hands on is business logo design. The designer should follow some basic principles while designing a logo.

ò The logo should convey a brand message.
ò Detailed online research on logos used worldwide is compulsory.
ò The logo designers should stand up to the clientÆs expectations.
ò The logo should be iconic, memorable and realistic.
ò Before starting the work on screen, the designer should draw a rough sketch.
ò ItÆs always good to design in Adobe Illustrator. The dots in vector will never be pixilated.
ò The logo text should have a distinct and readable font.
ò The designer should use the negative space intelligently.
ò The logo design pricing should be reasonable.

A logo represents a brand. It is the signature of a company, which explains the business nature through its elegant graphics. The logo designers should be aware of the nature of the business house. For example, if the concerned company is a spa or salon, using social networking icons will be a foolish thing to do.

Before starting the project, the designer should undergo a detailed research on business logos. Business logo design can also be a good keyword leading your search in Google analytics. There are also articles and blogs available to guide you in the process of logo designing.

The logo designer should firstly have a clear understanding of the requirements as stated by the client. It is also the job of the logo designer to convince the client that he /she has properly understood the clientÆs vision regarding the logo.

The graphic design used in the logo should be clean and stylish. It should be an iconic logo with an innovative touch. Precisely, the logo should be attractive and memorable maintaining the parameters of the logo design decorum. The designer should use a distinctive font to make the logo text stand out even from a distance.

The on-screen design should be followed by a rough sketch. It decreases the time of the completion of the task. Completing more tasks in less time also adds to the efficiency of the logo designer.

A very important point to be noted is that, the designs should be done in Adobe Illustrator. A vector design is made of dots. They are scalable and have a perfect finishing unlike raster images. The resolution should be necessarily 300 dpi. The colour mode may vary according to the clientÆs requirement.

The blank space in between the designs is called the negative space. In case of a business logo design an efficient use of the negative space adds to the beauty of the logo.

Last but not the least; the logo design pricing should be affordable for the client and satisfactory for the logo designers. A good valuation of the hard work and a pocket-friendly product leads to a continuous business relation.

Thus, a good logo gives both the company and the designer a universal recognition.

About the company:

Advanced Digital Intelligence (ADI) Technologies is one of the niche leader for Graphics, WEB Design, Smart I phone apps and Digital Marketing services based at Kolkata, India. Our project services includes extensive Graphics design for all the required categories be it logo, icon, badges, illustrations, print media, stationary design or corporate identity design/ branding materials design. Our professional expert team of Graphics artists is the scholars in the respective domain/ Field. We offer an affordable logo design pricing.

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Santoshpur Avenue
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PH: ÷78902-78532

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 Advanced Digital Intelligence (ADI) Technologies is one of the niche leader for Graphics, WEB Design, Smart I phone apps and Digital Marketing services based at Kolkata, India.

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