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Fujitsu vs Daikin: The Split System Showdown

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Par: AndrewBrito
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You are almost spoilt for choice and you have to decide which one would be suitable for your home regarding carrier air conditioning. When it comes to split systems, there are two companies which are considered by many to be the best ones available in the market. These companies are Fujitsu and Daikin. Both these brands have various models of split air conditioners in their line up and offer a ton of different features. In this article, we are going to find out which brand is the better of the two.


The design and aesthetics of both Daikin and Fujitsu split systems are on par with each other. Both brands have a wide range of split systems to offer which come in various sizes and designs. The air conditioners of both companiesare made using the most advanced technology and are known for their creative designs. You can use the AC of both brands in your homes as well as in offices.


As far as the performance of the air conditioners is concerned, Daikin has a slight edge over Fujitsu. The split systems of Daikin are more powerful and have a better SEER rating when compared to Fujitsu. This is the reason why the air conditioners of this brand are widely used for commercial purposes. 


The Fujitsu split systems are very moderately priced and cost a lot less than the split systems of Daikin. While there is a considerable difference in their prices, the features and qualities of the air conditioners of both brands is almost the same.


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Customer Service

Daikin is head and shoulders above Fujitsu in the customer service department. The company has well trained customer support personnel that are always ready to provide prompt help to their clients. 

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