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Christmas flash games

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 The game is a big hit on the internet precisely because of its politically incorrect line. In Amateur Surgeon you are a pizza delivery fanatic for surgeries. After saving a doctor with the objects of his house, it begins to make surgeries clandestine for the thieves of the area by visiting

Amateur SurgeonAmateur Surgeon is fully controlled with the mouse. Your tools are lined up at the top of the game screen. Click to select one, or you can quickly select them from using the corresponding numbers, from 0 to 9 on the keyboard. Click on the area to use them.



In Infectonator, use the zombie virus to rule the worldInfectonator is a big hit of the era of flash games that won its version for Android and iOS. Developed by Toge Productions, the game puts the threat of the zombie virus in the hands of the player, and it is up to him to use the lethal weapon and its mutations to dominate the world through the transformation of the human race into brain-eating.

Initially, the player has in his hands only the zombie virus and some support items (which can be grenades, land mines, etc., which serve to kill people without zombie accuracy) to start their process of world domination. The mundi map is divided into locked regions, which are released as the player completes the goals and destroys the cities marked on the map. At each level played, the user is receiving a cash amount, which serves to make upgrades and make your virus even more efficient.

The upgrades are quite diverse and can extend the life expectancy of zombies, make them stronger, agile and resilient, as well as several mutations that the player can develop (such as a highly resisted muscular zombie or the zombie Jackson, who makes an entrance triumphal to Thriller sound when used). Supporting items can also be improved, helping the player eliminate more civilians without having to spend his precious virus.

Each of the cities through which the player passes presents some challenges (such as killing an X number of people or killing all civilians in Y seconds), and the user only manages to completely destroy the city when he completes all the proposed goals fat amount of money, as bonuses).

With each city destroyed, new cities even bigger will appear, and it is up to the player to make the right upgrades and use some strategy to beat police officers, soldiers and even secret agents in this endeavor for world domination.

Our opinion

Infectonator is a very original game that uses one of the themes most loved by pop culture - the zombie apocalypse - in a very fun and full of humor.

The game, although made in the pixel-art style, has very well crafted and charismatic graphics. Personalized zombies are quite iconic, and some (like the zombie Jackson) make nice references to pop culture, which makes the game quite diverse and interesting. Its interface is simple, pleasant and intuitive.

There is no mystery about gameplay - it literally boils down to clicking and watching the chaos. With a limited "toolbar," the player must meticulously choose which item to place (whether a zombie or a support item). At first, this choice does not have to be so rigid because the stages are not so challenging, but as the game progresses, it's necessary to stop to think a little and use these resources strategically, creating real challenges for the player.

The system of upgrades is also very interesting because there are many things that can be improved and unlocked, giving a lot of freedom of choice for the player and involving him even more in the gameplay since he has to play destroy several cities to reach the necessary money to make such upgrades.

Overall, Infectonator is a very original and fun game that makes the player laugh and even proposes a good challenge for those who like an application that does not end after two hours of play. It is a casual game, but, above all, it is a game that tests the player's skill and strategy.


Simple and intuitive gameplay

Well-crafted and charismatic visuals


It does not present as much difficulty in the initial levels

It can take a long time to complete all available upgrades.


Cargo Bridge

Test your building skills in this Chrome game

A fun, challenging and freely available game for anyone using Google Chrome. This is Cargo Bridge - a game where you have to build a bridge and help workers who need to take loads of cargo to a particular destination.

To play, you must position the woods to connect two or even more margins. Plan your budget well, as each phase has a limit so you can spend on your construction projects. To earn more points, the tip is to complete the scenario economically.

Building bridges

Cargo BridgeThe gameplay of the Cargo Bridge is completely done with the mouse. At the beginning of the game only wooden stands are available; however, the workers can not walk on them. Go building your bridge and do not worry because other, more sturdy and expensive materials are released over time.

There are two types of bridges: "walk" where workers can step on it and "connectors" used only to connect elements of the bridge, but workers can not collide with it. The difficulty of the game increases at each level, and your engineering skills may take a while to develop.


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 In Cargo Bridge, physics acts in a precise way. The strength of the bridges will depend on where the structure is weak due to the weight of the loads. All care is little! Oscillations can become future ruptures!

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